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About us

Apollo is a prototype vehicle who is attending the Shell Eco Marathon every year since 2013. The prototype is build by a student team attending Inholland University of applied sciences in Delft. Every year we aim for a better vehicle.

“Going Electrinc in 2020!”

The team has been attending for multiple years at SEM in the ‘Prototype Internal Combustion Engine’ category. Since sustainability becomes increasingly more important in aviation and automotive, we are aiming to go electric in 2020!

“Team Apollo Delft is attending the Sell Eco Marathon competition in 2020!”

The transition from ICE to BEV takes some time, but the team is already working hard to manage this goal. We decided to use last year’s body to focus on the battery electrical propulsion system. This makes it feasible for the team to attend fully electric at SEM2020.

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